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halloween special

I love Halloween with all the costumes, fun, and let’s not forget the loads of candy. It was my favorite holiday as a kid, but now I’m on the parent side of things (its still one of my favorites).

My children are so excited this year picking out their costumes. My 10 year old wants to dress up as a Ninja Turtle, my 8 year old wants to be a princess for the 6th year in a row, and they already have the houses they want to hit mapped out! All I can think about is how tired I’m going to be that night and the next day.

As a kid, I never realized how Halloween always falls on a school/work night, and I certainly never gave a second thought about dragging my parents around the neighborhood for hours. I just simply expected it, lol, as I’m sure my children do now. Even though Trick or Treating may not be as much fun now as it was back then, I do it to make my children happy, and to keep them young for as long as I possibly can.

So bring on the:

  • walking for blocks trying to keep up with my little ones
  • lugging around all the costume accessories they had to have, but get tired of carrying
  • all the whining because they can’t eat the candy until its been inspected and mother approved
  • the sore feet and sore back the next day

For all the parents out there who know what I mean, I want to offer you a little post Halloween relief.

Everyone who books a massage appointment with me for the first week of November (1st – 7th), I will include a FREE refreshing foot scrub and spend an extra few minutes on those tired feet. But act now because appointment times will book up quickly.

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